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Galaxy Advanced General Contracting Company L.L.C. efforts to:

protect the health and safety of Galaxy Advanced General Contracting Company staff, and employees;


HSE Policy Statement


Galaxy Advanced General Contracting Company L.L.C. acknowledges that the provision of a safe and healthy work environment for employees, sub-contractors, general public and visitors is not just a moral and legal responsibility but also a prerequisite for it to achieve its primary mission of conducting working and performance at the highest international standards.


Galaxy Advanced General Contracting Company L.L.C. will ensure compliance with the Health, Safety & environment Regulations, other legislation and industry standards by:


It is our intention here at Galaxy Advanced General Contracting Company L.L.C. that each individual from top management to the working person is responsible for the Health, Safety and environment of those persons in their charge and coworkers around them. By accepting mutual responsibility to operate safely, we will all contribute to the well being of our employees the following:

Signing this HSE Policy Statement is done in recognition of my complete support and commitment to promote and ensure success of this policy.


Responsibilities for safety and health include the establishment and maintenance of an effective communication system among workers, supervisors and management officials. To this end, all personnel are responsible to assure that their messages are received and understood by the intended receiver. Specific safety and health responsibilities for company personnel are as follows:

Management Officials

Active participation in and support of safety and health programs is essential. Management officials will display their interest in safety and health matters at every opportunity. At least one manager (as designated) will participate in the safety and health committee meetings, incident investigations and inspections. Each manager will establish realistic goals for implementing instructions for meeting the goals. Goals and implementing instructions shall be within the framework established by this document. Incentives will be included as part of the instructions.


The safety and health of the employees they supervise is a primary responsibility of the supervisors. To accomplish this obligation, supervisors will:


Observe the items of responsibility established in this document as well as job safety rules which may apply to specific task assignments.